Giglio on White documents Veronica Mainetti, President of Sorgente Group of America, as she becomes newly tasked with redeveloping the Tribeca building 60 White into luxury condominiums. With development underway, Veronica enlists her friend Daniel Fickle, a photographer and filmmaker, to capture the story as it unfolds firsthand without any real blueprint to dictate what must happen in order for the film to take shape. All that Veronica knows is that something is inherently different about this project. Its expansiveness seems to go beyond the normal bounds of private investment into something more public.
As the cameras are rolling, the most wonderful thing happens. Slowly, as the conversation between experts and laborers and investors and creatives grows from a murmur into the roar of cultural dialogue, the story takes shape. Veronica does everything in her power to maintain the existing structure of the building. She decides that everything else must be locally sourced. She emphasizes that modern technology must be utilized in order to achieve progress. But perhaps most importantly, Veronica realizes that it’s not just the preservation of a beautiful cast-iron mid-rise building in New York City that’s at stake: The future of development itself is at stake. And Veronica’s role in redeveloping and modernizing this building has become a guiding light to one of the most important social issues of our time.
How can we progress and sustain at the same time?

Presented by: Sorgente Group of America
Executive Producer: Veronica Mainetti
Directed by: Daniel Fickle & Veronica Mainetti
Produced by: Sara Henry & James Strayer
Associate Producers: Courtney Eck & Kyle Simmons
Director Of Photography: James Gannon
Additional Camera: Jaret Ferratusco, Sara Henry, Daniel Fickle, Sino Chum, Jose Flores
Edited by: Jesse Salsberry
Additional Editing: Josh Sales
Sound Mix: Joe Forsythe
Color Correction: Daniel Fickle & Jesse Salsberry
Production Assistant: Alex Heller
Music by: Daniels
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