Bloody Amateur, (the new solo project from NYC guitarist/songwriter Andy Comer).
‘Shed Some Weight’ is the first video to be released for his debut LP (released March 5, 2013 via Teen-Beat).
The video is a collaboration between long-time friend, Andy Comer and I. We began working together in
2008 while Andy was Multimedia Editor at GQ, and have worked together on numerous commercial and
creative projects ever since.
The video is a coming-of-age story, staged entirely on a moving railway car, and inspired by events from
Andy’s teen years. I wanted to capture the frenetic energy and constant change experienced by teenagers
coming into adulthood and “shedding weight”, literally and figuratively. We see a progression of confidence,
built through learning that first chord on the guitar, knowing how to pair your socks to your trousers and,
naturally, getting that first kiss.

Eleven Becenti, Reed Sherbrooke, Katie McFarland, Cody Troxel, Sara Fanger, Riley Stewart, & Rowan Singley

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