Born in Georgia, lost the accent somewhere along the way. Spent my adolescence hanging out in Atlanta’s punk/hardcore and hip-hop music scenes. Toured in a few bands, including Portrait and The Station Myth. 
Moved to New York Sept of 2001 and became a Teaching Assistant and then Instructor at the NY Film Academy. Simultaneously worked freelance as an Assistant Camera and then a Director of Photography and also as a Music Composer for various film projects.
Moved to San Diego in 2007 and started a Film and Photo Production company, Two Penguins, with only a few bucks to my name. Became a Father to my Daughter, Lili, that same year—2007 was busy.
Moved to Portland in 2009 for more greenery. Grew Two Penguins and hired some amazing people. Acquired some clients such as GQ, New York Times, Nike, InStyle, J.Crew, KEEN Footwear, and Gilt Groupe. Made a few music videos that won a few awards.
Moved to Seattle in 2015 for a little career growth. Work at Nordstrom as their Senior Video Art Director and still run Two Penguins.

Other links to stuff:
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Daniel's band comprised of four guys somehow named Daniel

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